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Annual Report 2022

Saving energy is the cheapest, safest and cleanest way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel.

A poorly insulated home can lose:

Insulation renovation alone could reduce EU households’ home
heating energy use by up to 45%.

Ref: BPIE – Putting a Stop to Energy Waste



If we can make our buildings more efficient, we can save an astronomical amount of energy annually, driving down the need for fossil fuel energy production.

Kingspan enables this transition through its full spectrum of solutions

Here are our products in action.

Conservation in architecture and energy.

The newest addition to Marriott’s Autograph Collection blends the building’s Edwardian past with more modern styling… including modern, advanced insulation.

The completed renovation achieved a ‘Very Good’ rating under BREEAM 2014.


Roof renovation without compromise

74196 Neuenstadt am Kocher

KS1000 RW (approx. 2100m2), 6 Kingspan Built-in light dome elements, 6 Kingspan Built-in Smoke outlet openings (RWA)


Fast, smooth and cost-effective renovation – Neuenstadt am Kocher.

kingspan-dachsanierung-neuenstadt-am-kocher-case-study-de-06 1 Simon Wegener

Improved Working Conditions

IPN insulation core has a high load-bearing capacity and offers impressive thermal protection.


Cost Effective

Trapezoidal roof elements KS1000 RW created the shape of the roof and completed the functional
building envelope.

kingspan-dachsanierung-neuenstadt-am-kocher-case-study-de-10 1-2

All-in-one Project

Kingspan light domes achieve remarkable daylight yield via natural light irradiation. This creates a friendlier working environment and also increases energy efficiency by saving artificial light use.


SK Battery America, a leading developer of lithium-ion batteries for EVs, invested $2.6 billion in two battery manufacturing plants.

The massive 2.4 million square foot facility is as long as 13 football fields and will employ 3,000 people by the end of 2023, representing one of the largest investments in a job-creating initiative in Georgia’s history.

Conservation is important but it’s only one leg of the pathway to a brighter energy future


we also need to move away from fossil fuels Kingspan is supporting this transition.