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Annual Report 2022

There is no single perfect renewable energy source to transition to.

Diversification is key to our future energy security.

Communities – even individual buildings – should look to ways to serve their own energy needs, sustainably. In some places, that future is already here. And so is Kingspan.


Thermal energy at a municipal level.

In a District Heating System, the heat in your building, your neighbours, and the nearby office, is all being piped from the same centralised source.

This centralisation is much more efficient than heat being generated by each individual building.

The energy powering the heating system can come from renewable sources – or even from waste heat from other industries, like data centres.

Germany alone will invest €3bn in District Heating by 2028, supported by the EU. Leading to reductions of approximately 4 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Kingspan LOGSTOR is supporting this transition through supplying pre-insulated pipes to the district heating network.

District Heating expansion in Hamburg

Converting from coal powered district heating to renewable and waste energy. Supported by high performance pre-insulated piping.


360k tonnes

of CO2e saved annually


20k homes

added to the network



Powered wasted by energy.



Solar energy built-in

Solar accounts for 3.6% of global electricity generation today. That’s going to change. Fast.

REPowerEU propose to move from c.200 GW installed capacity today, to 600 GW of newly installed solar power generation installed by 2030.

The EU is also considering phasing requirements to install solar on all new public and commercial buildings.

That’s where Kingspan PowerPanel fits in. This is Kingspan’s first fully integrated insulated panel with solar generation.

It’s already in action at our Kingscourt Insulated Panels Facility in Ireland.

7,500 sqm

of roof replaced in 10 days

123 tonnes

CO2e saved annually

380 MWh

solar generation annually

2x lux levels

levels through upgraded daylighting products from Kingspan Light + Air

The combination of energy conservation and energy transition are the path forward.

At Kingspan our entire innovation agenda is behind this shift.




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