Buildings & Vehicles:
almost carbon copies
on a global scale


The heating and cooling of today’s

building stock produces just 13% less carbon

emissions than ALL road vehicles annually.

The Foundation for Change is Already Here


Up to 125m Europeans cannot afford to adequately heat their homes.


Of buildings in the EU are energy inefficient.


Only 0.2% of EU buildings undergo deep energy renovation annually.

Renovation Can Power The Shift To Renewable Energy

Mind The Gap!

It will take decades to convert today’s EU consumption to renewable energy.

How do we close this gap? The first step is to reduce energy consumption. Energy efficient building envelopes are key to unlocking lower energy demands.

Today, over 75% of
heating and cooling
energy needs in EU
buildings come from
fossil fuels


Sweet Home Renovation

A poorly insulated home can lose 30% of its heat through the attic, 20-30% though the walls, and 10% through the floor.

Roof Insulation

Kingspan’s advanced insulation for roofs is the thinnest commonly used insulation.

Kingspan has a range of roof insulation solutions, including in its Kooltherm® range which is almost twice as efficient as synthetic mineral fibre.

Wall Insulation

Kingspan insulation’s superior thermal performance is ideal for renovation

Refurbishing an existing building has many considerations, particularly as it relates to space. We can help combat this issue by offering higher performing, thinner insulation, such as our Kooltherm® range.

Floor Insulation

A properly insulated ground floor will leave rooms more comfortable and require less time to heat up

Kingspan has a range of insulations for floor applications, including our next-generation Optim-R® which is almost 4 times as efficient as synthetic mineral fibre. Enabling its use in super space constrained applications.

Building a Better World


A 1950s post-war townhouse in Brockley, London, has been enveloped in roof, floor and wall insulation and a modern outer shell to create a unique family home, one which has won RIBA awards at a regional and national level.

By adding a warm coat around the entire structure, the thermally inefficient 1950s dwelling has been turned into a highly insulated, airtight construction. The thermal performance of the property now vastly exceeds building regulations and gives a comparative reduction in CO2 emissions from 61.55 kg CO2e/m2 to 16.49 kg CO2e/m2.

Photography: Jack Hobhouse

“..the clients’ brief was that they wanted to create an energy efficient and warm home. Specification of Kingspan products helped to achieve this and we greatly exceeded the energy requirements of building regulations. The clients have found that they typically don’t have to turn on the heating on the upper floors and have low annual energy demands.”


Unconstrained by the past…