Potential of the Present

Building a New Reality


Investment in innovation and development has enabled the transition to net zero carbon buildings, even in manufacturing. It’s no longer a question of how, rather how can we not?



Industry-leading innovation forging the way:


Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of net zero carbon buildings. Kingspan’s ultra-performance insulation solutions enable the transition to renewable energy.

Light & Air

Utilising solutions which maximise the natural benefits of fresh air and sunlight improve occupant comfort and lower energy use.

Solar Power

Our innovative PowerPanelTM – an integrated insulated panel with solar PV – enables easy installation to insulate and generate.

Water Systems

Global water use is growing at 2x the rate of population growth. This precious resource can be managed through our rainwater harvesting and water treatment systems.

Utilising Waste

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Through our LIFECycle framework we are exploring ways to reduce waste in society and in our processes. In addition, our Logstor business enables industry to use waste energy to power local communities through district heating solutions.

Net Zero in Action

Welcome to Jönköping, Sweden –


Kingspan’s future-ready manufacturing facility


PV solar modules installed and fully commissioned, making it one of the largest solar rooftop sites in Sweden.


MWh of estimated annual renewable electricity generation.


of the manufacturing process is powered by renewable energy.

Henk Bassie, Managing Director Kingspan Insulation Continental Europe, at Jönköping

Energy efficient to the core

Jönköping was designed and constructed with energy efficiency at its core, starting with the building envelope. Over 150k m2 of Kingspan insulated panels and over 15k m2 of Kingspan insulation boards enclose the facility. Natural daylight enters the building through 130 nano prismatic rooflights supplied by Kingspan Light & Air, improving occupant wellbeing and reducing the need for artificial light.

The efficiency of the factory process has been optimised by using Kooltherm® insulated piping and Kingspan insulated panels for the dryers and laminators.

Jönköping is a blueprint for what we, and others, can achieve when energy and carbon efficiency are considered as core elements of planning and design.

“The new Kooltherm® line in Jönköping, Sweden, uses more than 95% renewable energy and is exemplary because our Planet Passionate principles were considered in the design stage, from inception to commissioning.”


Deon Joubert

(IMS Compliance)

Kingspan Insulation installed a rooftop solar PV installation at its manufacturing facility.

As Net Zero emissions buildings become the norm, the focus will shift to building materials.