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Our mission is to accelerate a zero emissions future built environment
with people and planet at its heart.


Our Strategic Goals

Our business model and our strategic pillars enable the ongoing conversion to ultra-performance building envelopes from outdated, inefficient, methods of construction.

To advance materials, building systems and digital technologies to address issues such as climate change, circularity and the protection of our natural world.
To be the world’s leading provider of low energy, sustainably produced, building envelopes – insulate and generate.
To expand globally, bringing high-performance building envelope solutions to markets which are at an earlier stage in the evolution of sustainable and efficient building methods.

This strategy results in buildings that: 

Conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions

Through ultra energy efficient building envelopes and building services.

Harness the power of the natural environment

Through natural daylighting and natural ventilation.


Generate their own renewable resources

Through solar energy and rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment.


Our four Strategic Pillars


Kingspan’s innovation agenda is driven across four key themes – performance, solutions, sustainability, and digitalisation.


We have a persistent focus on iterative performance improvements in our current portfolio including characteristics relating to thermal, structural, sustainability, fire and smoke. We innovate solutions to enable architects and building designers to create sustainable buildings, such as our integrated insulated panel with solar-PV, PowerPanelTM. Digitalisation – by progressively surfacing our products digitally, we are making it easier to find them, specify them, buy them and track them.

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Our Planet Passionate agenda is inextricably linked with innovation. Planet Passionate is Kingspan’s 10-year sustainability programme which aims to impact three big global issues – climate change, circularity and protection of our natural world.


By setting ourselves challenging targets in the areas of carbon, energy, circularity and water, we aim to make significant advances in both our business operations and our products.

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Our strategy of  ‘completing the envelope’ aims to take our innovation and sustainability DNA and apply them to a wider portfolio of products which are complementary to our current offering.


Our solutions driven approach deepens our relationships with our customers and extends the opportunities to make buildings better for the future.

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Kingspan is a truly global business, operating
in over 70 countries with 198 manufacturing sites across the globe.


We aim to continue expanding globally to bring ultra-performance building envelope solutions to markets which are at an earlier stage in their evolution to sustainable and efficient methods of construction.

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PowerPanelTM is a fully integrated, factory manufactured, insulated panel with solar PV. In 2021 we installed PowerPanelTM on its first pilot project which will generate c.380 MWh of renewable electricity annually.

Next Generation Performance

Next generations of key products continue to progress. QuadCoreTM 2.0 is progressing and in a coldstore application the product reached a 120 minute fire rating, which can match or exceed synthetic mineral fibre performance.

Natural Materials 

We continue to evolve the use of advanced materials and significant progress has been made on entering the ‘natural’ insulation market.

Planet Passionate


Planet Passionate Report

In April we published our inaugural Planet Passionate Sustainability Report, including detailed insights to our sustainability approach and the significant steps underway to help us achieve our goals.

Science Based Targets

In June, our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions reduction targets were approved by the Science Based Targets initiative as aligned with a 1.5°C pathway.

Low Carbon Panels

Working with our suppliers, the team at IKON has developed a low carbon panel. Initial tests show a carbon reduction of up to 25%. Initiatives like this and our founding investment in H2 Green Steel will continue to put us at the vanguard of high-performance, lower embodied carbon materials.



Industrial Insulation

During 2021 we announced the acquisition of the Logstor Group, a leading global supplier of pre-insulated pipe systems, with a focus of improving energy efficiency, particularly to the district heating market.

Light and Air

2021 saw the opening of our centre of excellence for polycarbonate solutions in Kingscourt. The facility has the capacity to manufacture daylighting products which can create 9 billion lumens of natural light.


Organically we commissioned 5 new facilities in 2021 and we significantly increased our planned new facilities. Inorganically we continued to expand our global reach such as our ongoing expansion in insulation board in North America which is a significant long-term conversion opportunity.

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