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Better Buildings
for a Better World

At Kingspan, we are driven by a belief that advanced materials and methods of construction hold the answer to some of the great challenges that our planet and society face.

From products that insulate better while creating more internal space, to those that harness more natural daylight, we are dedicated to extending the limits of ultra-performance envelope design with a core focus on energy efficiency.


This mindset has led to breakthrough
insulation performance

Kingspan’s innovation agenda is driven out of the Group’s state of the art facility IKON.


Our solutions driven approach puts customers at the core of our innovation agenda. Inviting customers to IKON offers us the opportunity to learn about, and engage on, their evolving needs.

Analytical Lab

IKON’s analytical lab is the first port of call for advanced material testing in Kingspan. Materials are tested across a wide spectrum of performance indicators before being progressed to larger scale testing.

Prototype Lab

Once materials have proven performance benefits, they are progressed to full product scale testing. IKON’s prototyping capabilities facilitate an efficient test and refine process for products and materials.

Mechanical and Product Development Lab

Finally, when products have advanced through the prototyping stage, we conduct significant strength and durability testing to ensure the longevity of the products.

Kingspan’s innovation agenda is driven across four key themes – performance, solutions, sustainability and digitalisation.

Innovation Highlights 2023


PowerPanel™ is a fully integrated, factory manufactured, insulated panel with solar PV. The initial composition has been enhanced based on pilot project observations. The upgraded design is currently in testing and will be launched in 2024. PowerPanel™ has the capacity to advance the rapid deployment of solar power generation on widespan roofs.

Frame 522

Lower Embodied Carbon (LEC) Portfolio
Our Innovation and Planet Passionate teams worked in partnership to take significant steps forward in the development of lower embodied carbon alternatives across our portfolios. In 2023, we brought three LEC products to market: QuadCore LEC™ insulated panel, RMG600+ LEC and LEC Tate Grid.

Adding value across
the value chain
A core aim of our innovation effort is to address pinch points across our value chain. Given tightness in labour markets and an aging construction workforce, we saw a need for improved efficiency in building material installation. With this in mind, we have been developing a robotic alternative for panel fixings installation, which we plan to have to market in 2024.

 Kingspan_future innovation 1 Kingspan_future innovation-mobile

Accelerating our digital journey​

At Kingspan’s first ever Hackathon, in 2023, we launched Kingspan’s digital accelerator – Covolve.​

With a core focus on ensuring new sources of digital value, Covolve is unlocking the collective potential of people and technology, delivering a whole new world of digital solutions for customers and companies across the sector.

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Our business model and strategy are enabling the transition from outdated, inefficient, methods of construction to ultra-performance building envelopes.