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IKON, Global Innovation Centre

Kingscourt, Ireland


Annual Report 2022

Better Buildings
for a Better World

At Kingspan, we are driven by a belief that advanced materials and methods of construction hold the answer to some of the great challenges that our planet and society face.

From products that insulate better while creating more internal space, to those that harness more natural daylight, we are dedicated to extending the limits of ultra-performance envelope design with a core focus on energy efficiency.

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Our innovation agenda is driven across four key themes:

  1. Performance
  2. Solutions
  3. Sustainability
  4. Digitalisation.
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Here are some of this year’s highlights:


Piloting the future of solar with PowerPanel™

PowerPanel™ is a fully integrated, factory manufactured, insulated panel with Solar PV. We installed PowerPanel™ on its first pilot project which will generate c.380 MWh of renewable electricity annually. We will be rolling PowerPanel™ more generally during 2023.


Driving down embodied carbon

Our Planet Passionate and Innovation Teams continued to work to drive our sustainability agenda forward. The team at IKON, working with our supply partners, developed QuadCore™ Lower Embodied Carbon (LEC) containing 17% less embodied carbon and up to 50% recycled content.



Part of our R&D agenda is working and engaging with innovators and small-scale manufacturers of pioneering materials. In 2022 this led to a breakthrough in the development of AlphaCore® which is currently building a specification bank and is likely to advance further in the years ahead.

Digital driving future innovation

Kingspan’s future innovation agenda is driven by enhancing and complementing our portfolio of products to further advance building envelope performance, at the construction, operation and end-of-life stage.

We will complement this offering through the ongoing digitalisation of our offering, enabling a golden thread of building design and construction information for all buildings of the future.


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Our business model and strategy are enabling the transition from outdated, inefficient, methods of construction to ultra-performance building envelopes.