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Planet Passionate

Planet Passionate is our 10 year global sustainability programme with a focus on three global issues:

Climate Change

Circularity in Construction

Protecting the Natural World

The innovation and partner driven approach to achieving these goals will put us 
at the vanguard of high-performance and sustainable building envelope solutions.

Catriona Nicholson
Head of Investor Relations

Our Planet Passionate Targets

Carbon targets


Net Zero Carbon Manufacturing by 2030


50% reduction in product CO2e intensity from primary supply chain partners by 2030


Zero emission company cars by 2025


20% on-site renewable energy generation by 2030


Solar PV systems on all wholly owned facilities by 2030

Energy targets


60% direct renewable energy by 2030


Zero company waste to landfill by 2030


QuadCore™️ products utilising recycled PET by 2025

Circularity targets


Recycle 1 billion PET bottles into our manufacturing processes by 2025


Support 5 ocean clean-up projects by 2025


Harvest 100 million litres of rainwater by 2030

Water Targets

Our Planet Passionate
journey in 2023

Internal carbon charge

From the 1st of January 2023, we introduced an internal charge of €70 per tonne for all energy related carbon emissions (excluding process and biogenic emissions) across our business.

This has helped to further incentivise the rapid deployment of decarbonisation projects and support the achievement of our net zero carbon manufacturing target.

Energy and Carbon

2023 saw a reduction of 65% in Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions from a 2020 baseline. This reduction was achieved through reduction in use of high GWP blowing agents in North America, the implementation of new renewable energy contracts and the deployment of 25 new rooftop solar-PV projects across our business which have the capacity to generate 6.8 MW of on-site generation capacity.

Here are some more Planet Passionate Highlights


15% Less Embodied Carbon

In 2023, we brought three new lower embodied carbon (LEC) products to market; QuadCore LEC™ insulated panel, RMG600+ and LEC Tate Grid, all of which have reduced embodied carbon (>15%) across their lifespan when compared to their equivalent standard Kingspan product.


total onsite

We deployed 25 new rooftop solar-PV projects across our business that have 6.8MW capacity, bringing the total onsite generation capacity to 42.3MW across our global operations through solar PV.


63% of Waste Recycled

We recycled 63% of our waste in 2023 and we continued our research into ways to minimise waste, including the recycling of Kingspan insulated panel waste into our key raw materials, with the capacity to recycle 350 tonnes.


9 million 
Litres Added

In 2023, we installed 11 rainwater harvesting systems across our business, adding 9 million litres to our capacity.

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