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Annual Report 2022

Better Buildings, Globally

Kingspan continues to expand globally bringing ultra-performance building envelope solutions to markets which are at an earlier stage in their evolution to sustainable and efficient methods of construction.


Kingspan now operates out of 212 manufacturing sites globally. Up form 198 in 2022

A decade of growing global revenues

We have significantly grown our geographic base over the past 10 years, diversifying into markets which offer considerable future growth opportunities through converting to ultra-performance building envelope solutions.

2022 was another significant year of expansion:

New acquisitions
During the year the Group made a number of acquisitions for a total upfront consideration of €887.0m. The most significant of which being our entry into roofing and waterproofing through the acquisitions of Derbigum and the Ondura Group.

New facilities
We continued to expand organically in 2022. We have a significant amount of planned new lines or facilities, which will add over 10% to our current global footprint over the next three years. Within those plans is our ambition to invest over €200m in a Building Technology Campus in Ukraine.

Geographic expansion
Construction commenced on our first site in South East Asia, Vietnam, in 2022. This facility will help to galvanise adoption of ultra-performance building envelopes in the region.

Future Global Organic Expansion

PIR board line 2024

PowerPanel™ Enablement 2022
Pipe Insulation 2023
MF Panel Line 2024

Panel Line 2022 (North East)
Optim-R® Line 2023
Panel Line 2023 (Mid West)
XPS Facility 2024 (Mid West)
Kooltherm® Facility 2024

Panel Line 2022

Czech Republic
PowerPanel™ Enablement 2023
MF Panel Line 2024

PIR/MF Panel Facility 2023

Central France
PIR Panel Line 2022
PIR Board Line 2023
PowerPanel™ Enablement 2024

Panel Line 2023

Saudi Arabia
PIR Board Facility 2023
Cooling PowerPipe 2024

Panel Line 2022
Board Line 2023

MF Panel Line 2022

New Zealand
QuandCore™ Panel Facility 2023

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Our business model and strategy are enabling the transition from outdated, inefficient, methods of construction to ultra-performance building envelopes.