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Business Review

2023 edged ahead of the record achieved in 2022 delivering a trading profit of €877m, up 5% on prior year.

EPS was up by 7%, despite revenue declining marginally by 3% in total, and by 7% on an underlying basis. Whilst some markets displayed volume pressure, the predominant reason for the contraction in revenue was the knock-on deflationary impact of raw material pricing in the early part of the year


  1. Earnings before finance costs, income taxes, depreciation, amortisation and non trading item
  2. Operating profit before amortisation of intangibles and non trading item
  3. Trading profit divided by total revenue




2022: €8.3bn




2022: €998m

Trading Profit ²



2022: €833m

Trading Margin ³



2022: 11.6%

Profit After Tax



2022: €616m




2022: 329.5c
financial-shape financial-summary

Another record Trading Profit outcome

2023 edged ahead of the record achieved in 2022 delivering a trading profit of €877m, up 5% on prior year.

Looking Ahead

In the current environment, it is difficult to predict what is in store near term with opportunities and challenges in equal measure. The performance of the business is varied across different geographies and sectors, a theme we have consistently referred to over the past year or so.


It is still very much early days in the current financial year, although seasonal factors have hampered early progress in some markets. Our balance sheet is robust, and coupled with a strong development pipeline, purposeful strategy, and innovation agenda, this ought to place us positively in the year ahead.

The combination of a resolute focus on our distinctive Planet Passionate strategy, strong structural demand for energy efficiency, ever-increasing and obvious impacts of climate change, and the diversified nature of our end markets all position Kingspan favorably for the long term.


Gene Murtagh

Chief Executive Officer
20 February 2024

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