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Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future

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Our reliance on fossil fuels has expanded from a climate crisis to an energy poverty crisis.

Global consumption has increased 50% in the last 20 years.

And 2021 was an all-time high for global energy use.

We’re facing an existential global crisis and we’re still – literally – adding fuel to the fire. 82% of primary energy consumption continues to come from fossil fuels.


Our Impact

Kingspan’s insulation systems, sold in 2022, will save an estimated 850 million MWh of energy or 193 million tonnes of CO2e over their lifetime.


  1. Assumes 60 year product life; based on an EU airline disclosure of over 12.5m tonnes of CO2e emissions for 12 months to March 2022

  2. Assumes a 20 year product life

  3. Assumes 10 x 60W bulbs per home


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Ultra Energy Efficient

193m tonnes

193 million tonnes of CO2e will be saved over the life of our insulation systems sold in 2022

Enough to power a major airline for 15 years1

Conserved Water

45bn litres

Over 45 billion litres of rainwater will be harvested by our tanks produced in 2022

Enough water to fill over 550 million baths2

Recycled Materials


In 2022 alone we upcycled 803 million waste plastic bottles

Enough recycled bottles to fill over 1,000 football pitches

Natural daylight & ventilation

9bn lumens

The capacity to create 9 billion lumens of natural light annually through our daylighting systems

Enough to light up 1 million homes3

Chief Executive’s Review

Our Planet Passionate targets demand radical thinking and action

Through our range of high-performance building envelope solutions, we are uniquely placed to facilitate the decarbonisation of the built environment which is today responsible for almost 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Our ambitious Planet Passionate programme, which aims to reduce our environmental impact across the key themes of carbon, energy, circularity and water, will further add to our products’ value proposition in the fight against climate change.

Gene M. Murtagh
Chief Executive



Summary Financials




2021: €6.5bn




2021: €893.2m

Trading Profit ²



2021: €754.8m

Trading Margin ³



2021: 11.6%

Profit After Tax



2021: €570.6m




2021: 305.6c

  1. Earnings before finance costs, income taxes, depreciation, amortisation and non trading item

  2. Operating profit before amortisation of intangibles and non trading item

  3. Trading profit divided by total revenue

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Our business model and strategy are enabling the transition from outdated, inefficient, methods of construction to ultra-performance building envelopes.