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People are the key driver of our success. Kingspan would not be what it is today without the energetic teams across the world that are dedicated to growing the business, the customers that are passionate about beautiful and sustainable buildings, and the communities which support our growth.

Gene Murtagh

Chief Executive Officer

Learn how the strength and unity of our people are at the heart of our success.

Our Impact

Kingspan’s insulation systems, sold in 2023, will save an estimated 731 million MWh of energy or 164 million tonnes of CO2e over their lifetime.

Ultra Energy-Efficient

164m tonnes

164 million tonnes of CO2e will be saved over the life of our insulation systems sold in 2023

Enough to power a major airline for over 11 years

Assumes 60 year product life; based on an EU airline disclosure of over 12.5m tonnes of CO2e emissions for 12 months to March 2022
Recycled Materials


In 2023 alone we upcycled 858 million waste plastic bottles

Enough recycled bottles to fill over 1,100 football pitches

Conserved Water

41.3bn litres

Over 41 billion litres of rainwater will be harvested by our tanks produced in 2023

Enough water to fill over
500 million baths

Assumes a 20 year product life
Natural Daylight

9bn lumens

The capacity to create 9 billion lumens of natural light annually through our daylighting systems

Enough to light up 1 million homes

Assumes 10 x 60W bulbs per home

Chief Executive’s Review

2023 edged ahead of the record achieved in 2022 delivering a trading profit of €877m, up 5% on prior year. EPS was up by 7%, despite revenue declining marginally by 3% in total, and by 7% on an underlying basis. Whilst some markets displayed volume pressure, the predominant reason for the contraction in revenue was the knock-on deflationary impact of raw material pricing in the early part of the year.

Gene Murtagh
Chief Executive Officer

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  1. Earnings before finance costs, income taxes, depreciation, amortisation and non trading item
  2. Operating profit before amortisation of intangibles and non trading item
  3. Trading profit divided by total revenue




2022: €8.3bn




2022: €998m

Trading Profit ²



2022: €833m

Trading Margin ³



2022: 11.6%

Profit After Tax



2022: €616m




2022: 329.5c
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Our business model and strategy are enabling the transition from outdated, inefficient, methods of construction to ultra-performance building envelopes.