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Kingspan’s mission is centred around people and planet. We understand the role our communities play in helping us to succeed and we believe in reinvesting in our communities so that we can thrive together.

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Kingspan is active in 224 communities across the globe – here are some of the ways Kingspan Isoeste and its local communities in Brazil have grown together.

To support families in our communities in Brazil, Kingspan Isoeste offers childcare assistance to our female employees.

At our facility in Anápolis, Kingspan Isoeste employees cultivate a variety of vegetables and keep free-range hens, donating the produce to charitable organisations in the city.

Balanced Careers, Supported Families

Kingspan Isoeste promotes work-life balance by offering exclusive daycare assistance for our female employees.

Female employees can avail of direct financial support to cover a chosen school, nursery or daycare facility. We contribute up to R$800 per child, per month, for children up to seven years of age.

This initiative promotes equal opportunity and engagement for all of our employees, ensuring everyone can succeed in their career without sacrificing family commitments.

Creating comfortable spaces for female artisans

Kingspan Isoeste partnered with an important social initiative in the remote north-eastern Brazilian hinterlands, donating insulated panels and daylighting panels to establish a tailored workspace for the skilled female artisans of the Várzea Queimada community, enhancing conditions for artisanal activities, promoting well-being, and strengthening the local community.

With a population of approximately 900 residents, including over 80 children, and a high rate of congenital deafness, the community heavily relies on artisanal production as its main source of income. Notably, 47 women actively contribute to the artisanal industry in the community.





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