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Our solutions driven approach to innovation puts customers at the core of our innovation agenda.

Sandra Del Bove
Group Head of Innovation

Across our business we have multiple touch points with our customers.

Our teams engage with customers directly on projects, meet them at industry events and trade shows, and we canvass our customers for feedback on their experience with Kingspan.


Our ambition is to create advantages for every part of our downstream value chain, including innovating our service experience.

Customer Experience

Through our customer experience programme we have captured the view of over 65k customers, across 80 countries and we continue to listen, learn and make meaningful change happen.


customer voices


Our customers want to develop more sustainable buildings. To this end, our innovation team and our Planet Passionate team worked in partnership to take significant steps forward in the development of lower embodied carbon alternatives across our portfolios. In 2023, we brought three LEC products to market: QuadCore LEC™ insulated panel, RMG600+ LEC and LEC Tate Grid.


Innovation in Action

QuadCore LEC™

St. Modwen Park, UK

St. Modwen Park, is the first project to use our innovative QuadCore LEC™ Roof Panel solution, delivering superior energy efficiency and substantial carbon savings that can transform a building’s sustainability credentials. QuadCore LEC™ has been developed specifically to help reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings it is used on.

The LEC product aligns with our ambitions to reduce embodied carbon across our developments, whilst continuing to offer a functional market-facing product and the comfort of longevity.

Project Contractor

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